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Lieblingslieder (18):

Fairy Paradise
CocoRosie, aus dem Album Grey Oceans, USA 2010

Live Version

He draws me the periphery
And disbelieve on delivery
Came child from the deep inferno
Crusty head of dead volcano
Heartless coward bird of beak
When life's too short to speak
Lilac dust of a woman's hair
Wind cross the paper play
A strong will her body lay
A stack of feathers, a pile of hay
A mushroom for an eye ball
A moustache from the snow fall
Worms weave a ring, my fairy's square dance
Queens and kings fairy's weave words with eyelash
Trance music make the fairys dance
From the gaze of snail shells
Of course their mother made evil spells
Mistery flows through a wicked river
Adorned in the light and selfish liver
Bending around the clover fields
Their sapling stems don't break but heal
Her pain inflicts no arguments must
Learn to sway and unarrange
As earth, she makes her final passage
Of the humans long her ravaged

Vanished with all marks for motion
Ackward Angel's lost devotion
One by one escort us home
To leave the elementors free to round to
Bath in the last of oceans foam
To beach comb
The nuclear debris of plastic toys
And a meadow trees on the perfect day you'll find the breeze once
Blew the pollen, the feed the me's
Now cried the stars when upon the earth
Their gaze might rush, their nostalgia burst
Elements be heard through all the cosmos
For the dying planet with fallen foes

Album Version

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