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Lieblingslieder (91):

Matter of time
The Low Anthem

Aus dem Album Smart flesh, USA 2011



See me laying in the grass
Where my true love's found her past
I don't have to try, it's a matter of time
A matter of time, a matter of time

We will roll beneath the sky
In the clover and dandelion
And I don't have to try, I know she'll be mine
I know she'll be mine, it's a matter of time

See me decorate my nest
See me puffing out my chest
I hate to be so vain, it's just part of the game
Just part of the game, a matter of time

Hear me howling at the moon
In a wake of perfume
I don't have to fear, she'll pull me through the mirror
Pull me through the mirror, in a matter of time

In the grass I lay alone
See the sunset die below
And I don't make a sound, it's always circling 'round
Always circling 'round, it's a matter of time

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