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Lieblingslieder (49):

Let me tell you something
The Durutti Column

aus dem Album Keep Breathing, England 2006

Let me tell you something

me with no home
no credit no style
out of ideas
out of ways to beguile

met you in July
felt your beauty and smile
my past had no love
always missed by a mile

you better use what we got
we better get what we want

(spent all my time,
finding love on a stage
you had your youth,
I had my age
I have no way to know,
no way to gauge
how could you love me?
a fool in a haze)

now two years with you
is two years more
of Caring and loving
like I never saw

will you always be mine?
will you always be true?
because I want to spend
my lifetime with you

I will travel the world
I will travel for miles
and there'll be no problems
and there'll be no trials
that can ever stop me,
never stop me
from loving you
from loving you

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