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Lieblingslieder (54):

Wet dreams
The Growlers

Aus dem Album Are you in or are you out?, USA 2009

I haven't had the guts no I haven't had the balls
To tell you all about the thoughts I can't keep out
Don't wanna fall asleep I don't wanna fall asleep
But I've been running out of ways to kill all of these sheep

She's been cumming in my head and there's a devil in our bed
I can not keep her concealed and I can't shake that she ain't real
She tells me that you're dead or that you just picked up and left
And knowing that she lies doesn't dull her piercing eyes

When the moon has come and left
She's still fucking with my head
Dragging me into bed and never letting me forget
As my consciousness slips I fall into her grip
We drink the devil's blood inducing psychedelic trips
She's got ocean in her hips and liños in her lips
And when you're lying in my arms she's still tugging on my dick
Wet dreams

It's not easy coming clean but my urges can not wean
I used to fight but now I fiend
Wet dreams....

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