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Lieblingslieder (66):

Marigold (all men are fools, she said...)
Kevin Coyne

Aus dem Album Millionaires and Teddy Bears, England 1978

Marigold was dreaming about somebody
About a fight that she'd almost won with her man

Marigold was dreaming about a punch-up
About a scrawny-kneed fight on the kitchen floor
Marigold was dreaming over the stewpot
Holding forth imaginary blows and scars

Marigold was dreaming, she wasn't screaming
Her high-heeled foot was pressed upon the chest of a man
All men are fools she said and most of them would be better if they were dead
I wish they'd all get out of my well-permed head and leave women to rule the world, leave it to the girls

Marigold was dreaming she was creaming a big cream cake, she'd baked the cake to throw it at me

Marigold was dreaming she was a cat with claws so sharp they tore my skull away and most of the hair

Yes Marigold was dreaming, old old dreaming, she was richer than anybody could ever see and she trod on me with her riches

Marigold was dreaming she was leaping across a ravine on a horse made out of gold
Silly now to think that she never knew nothing
That she wanted to be my best friend
She said she was almost my best friend
But there was a girl called Julie or somebody somewhere far away

Who she knew who knew more than me and therefore would be a better friend in the end for her she said she knew anyway that most of what I said I'd got out of books and I didn't know what she was doing and that women were about to take over the world

I said, "Marigold, you're dreaming"

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