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Lieblingslieder (123):

Day to day (for 6 days a week...)
L.A. Salami (Lookman Adekunle Salami)

aus dem Album Dancing with bad grammar, England 2016

Took the bus, took the train
Went to work, ignored the pain
What a rainy day, friendly faces
Got dragged around all types of places

Closed my eyes, smelled your hair
Looked around but you weren't there
Had some lunch, jacket potato
Chicken wings and fried tomatoes
After that lit a fag
Said a prayer and took drag
These days are toast never do combust so much i burn for the both of us though

Second day, second job
Passing forth for the world to stop
Shoes are too tight feet are aching
Called in sick, but i was faking
When i do go I am late
Always make the same mistake
That mistake could be im not caring
Six days a week can't find my bearings
But to be fair i might of cared
Might of cared if you were there

Stressed as hell, fatigued as fuck
Putrid passion, rotten luck
Worked to death jumping at the bit
Crazed as Christ im broke as shit
Watched the news, someone died
Watched their mother teary eyed
Son shot dead on wareth road
I thanked god no-one that i know
I went to work for the NHS
Mental health people depressed
Met Joanne scared of living, afraid of dying, terrified of being
The met Paul schizophrenic, shaken limbs paranoid fanatic
Unwashed ten days in a row
So afraid almost almost paralytic
I told them that i'd do the same
In certain moods, on certain days
But despite the sane ways i could think
I could not do much to convince em

Back to base, had a meeting
Took to die a week cause their parents beat em
I wish i could say im surprised
The news just chose which ones to highlight
Choose which ones to highlight

Took the DLR, took the tube
Read a book nothing else to do
Read Jill hicks she survived the bombings
Wrote a book, made a killing
I read somewhere someone lost their legs
Umpteen inured, 52 dead
In someplaces far away, that shit happens everyday
Now scared of buses, scared of trains
But got to get to work someway
So i play with my life, you could say

Dont we all, dont we all
Dont we all,. dont we all

I got a gig, got myself booked
Just down the road where nick jucked
I get to sing my joys and sorrows
Not made it yet, maybe tomorrow
I closed my eyes, saw your face
Looked around, you were no place
I fee so felt out when you're not around

But you are time and i am life
Times are tiring under strife
Strife's the type of life i seem to lead and time won't heal this wound easily
Take your light, your shadowed passion
I hear your talk, I see your actions
What i dont see are you eyes
The flaming symbols of the night
Was that your skin, that i saw
On the road, my ruined war
Were you wearing that paisley i adored
Were you hatred, were you lost
You understand this cause you must
That men have the consistencies of love and war through history
I must see you, i must know
Did you falter, did you go
Did you go, did you go

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