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Lieblingslieder (101):

Alphabet of my phobias
Maia Vidal

aus dem Album God is my bike, USA 2011

I want to write a song about
the words I live without
The words I cannot say
In hopes they go away

I want to write a songabout
the words that I cut out
my verbal repertoire
voided now here they are

A as in abortion,
animal cruelty,
and B is for the bees
C is climate change,
D is doomsday,
E is earthquake
F my fear of flying,
G is global warming,
and H is Haiti
Ice caps melt
and Judgment Day

These are the words I had to erase
These are the things I won't have to face
Cause I live in a world of peace and harmony
I don't read the news so it doesn't touch me

K is for the killers,
L is for the liars,
Mama why'd you bring me here
Cause you knew about the Nukes,
and I'm sure you knew
about Over-Population
So maybe I should Quit,
cause I don't wanna Risk
Seeing this Transpire
Safe Under the ground,
I won't have to View
This World as it expires,
Y and Z

These are the words I could not erase
These are the things I will have to face
Cause I live in a world of war and poverty
I don't read the news but it still touches me

And there's something kinda nice
About living in end times,
we don't believe in god
just turning out the lights

I could start smoking again
and it wouldn't even matter
cause the world won't be around
long enough for me to get cancer

I know this to be true,
but I don't see it as bad
think we had a good run
look at all the fun we had

and I live life every day,
and if these words are my last,
then I'll love it even more
cause I'll know it's all I had

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